Rebounding and Energy Abundance


The above picture of a dandelion pod describes the way jumping on my Bellicon Rebounder increasingly makes me feel, i.e. as if each cell is lit up with and interconnected by waves of blissful light and energy.

For the past few years this feeling has come in trickles while rebounding. It would happen every once in a while for a short duration and feel like a special gift. It helped me understand better, what people meant when they referred to Chi (Qi), and practices in which people attempt to get it flowing, such as Qigong

On 19 February 2013, a week after getting my own Bellicon Rebounder for my 44th birthday and jumping on it every day, I tried a new shoulder and arm strengthening move (basically arm crunches with shoulders pulled back) and very quickly I began to feel pin prickles on my back at heart level. It felt like a surge of energy to that area and the prickles spread out to other parts of my arms, legs and feet. Minutes later the electricity to my entire neighborhood went out and left me in the dark on my Rebounder with rowdy music blaring on battery-powered speakers. A little latter, still in the dark, patches of my skin started to feel painful and prickly, like I was about to break out in hives or poison oak. After an initial response of alarm, I remembered the strong prickling energy I had just felt while jumping and promptly let go of my fear. 'Just be curious' was my self-soothing advice. Soon the pain gave way to more prickles and soon the back of my heart center again felt like the hub of an electric grid.

The next day, as soon as I began bouncing on my Rebounder, I immediately accessed the blissful currents of energy ... it seemed more accessible, more readily available than it had been just the day before. Then what was even more interesting to me, was that throughout the day these currents wafted through my body even when I wasn't on the Rebounder. Certain thoughts or sights or music would set off ripples of delightful energy. And the next day (February 21st) the experience was almost continuous. It felt like my body had become more permeable to the massive energy fields that sustain existence of which we are mostly oblivious ... like fish are oblivious to the water in which they swim.

Throughout my life and yoga I have experienced sometimes painful and sometimes delightful movements of energy ... but it was always fleeting and often in dream or semi-conscious states. I have come to consider such movements in terms of Kundalini energy and have been frustrated not being able to access this abundant and potent energy more in my waking states. Humanity's inability to freely and directly access and channel the ever-present energy that sustains matter and life (micro and macrocosm) has always seemed to me to be a temporary state of affairs ... a stage in our evolutionary journey to be surpassed.

Now it seems that some energy gates or pathways in my body that have been closed, have been opened. I am certain that rebounding has played a significant role in this energetic shift. Nine days later I am fighting off a cold and the bliss-currents are not as consistent throughout the day as they were on February 21st, but certain thoughts, sights, songs, feelings or conversations set them off quite easily, as does rebounding. 

To be clear, these blissful energy currents, as of yet, co-exist with all manner of discomfort or dis-ease in my body and mind ... bad moods, ear aches, shoulder pain and even fatigue. So this new access to energies previously reserved or hidden, has not solved all my problems; it has simply delighted me and gives me the sense that things are shifting in the direction that they need to shift towards. New energies need to be integrated and the body's systems need to be upgraded. Apparently, these things take time. I am curious and excited to see how this integration and upgrading proceeds.

Over these past five years, I have known that rebounding was important for my sanity and for my health, but up until this past couple of week, I did not realize that it was important in terms of my spiritual journey/yoga, which for me is a progressive journey towards more and more fully realizing the unity of Matter and Spirit. I am always truly delighted when something I consider to be mundane reveals something of its deeper purpose and gift.

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