Health Update: Leaving Lyme Disease Behind

Mini Push Ups on my Bellicon Support Bars

Well it's been awhile since I've posted, so it's definitely time for an update. In late April I told my Lyme Literate doctor that I was slowly and noticeably improving and that I thought my Vegan diet was helping, but I was still head-achy, easily fatigued, unable to focus mentally and just not able to build endurance or strength. He initially wanted to treat for Babesiosis (thinking this was a lingering infection), but my feeling was that I had taken enough antibiotics and that perhaps my ongoing challenges were NOT due to an ongoing bacterial infection but rather something else was off. He got on board with my intuition and prescribed a Methylation Protocol that has helped some Chronic Fatigue sufferers to reboot themselves, and a 3:4 combo of Coconut Oil and MCT Oil to help with neurological issues (3-6 TBSP per day). In early May I began these new supplements, as well as taking Liposomal Vitamin C due to a Lyme friend's report that she was feeling much better after receiving IV Vitamin C. Liposomal Vitamin C is a much cheaper route than IV, and supposedly comparably effective in terms of absorption. The Methylation Protocal consisted of This protocol included Phosphatidyl SerineL-5 MethyltetrahydrofolateSublingual activated B12, and Vitamin D3. (Note: Links on this page lead to these supplements that I use, available on Amazon).

In early June, I added 3-4 grams of Turmeric per day to my diet, taken with Bioperin (black pepper extract) and coconut oil for better absorption. The result of all this has been that, since early June, I have not felt ill or fatigued and my body seems to be rebuilding itself at a rapid pace. I am amazed by my body's will and seemingly its capacity to get back to full strength. Throughout my illness, I've continued to do gentle hatha yoga, trying to stay flexible and trying not to 'waste away'. That practice and rebounding have been huge factors in helping me keep things moving even if I didn't always feel like moving anything. More often than not, exercise made me feel ill. My Lyme doctor called that phenomenon 'post-exertion malaise'.

Now this 'malaise' and the feeling of muscle fatigue are absent; and my workouts, whether rebounding, walking, dancing or doing hatha yoga, feel entirely different and my progress seems miraculously fast. I have had short periods of improvement followed by full relapses in the past, but this feels different. It truly feels like I am leaving my Chronic Lyme/Tick-Bourne Illnesses behind. Hopefully this IS true. Anyhow, I am proceeding as if it IS and am enjoying actually feeling my age rather than feeling like a little old lady whose days are numbered. I feel like I'm currently in pretty good shape and that in little time, I will be in great shape. I feel this way mostly because that is how my body likes to be on the planet ... strong, flexible and fluid, and at the moment there seem to be no obstacles to this goal.

Using Bellicon Support Bars as a yoga prop

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