Still Leaving Lyme Disease Behind

It's been long a while since I've written anything for Rebound & Reboot. It seems I didn't write one post in 2014! I was in India a good chunk of 2014, wishing my rebounder was with me the whole time. Perhaps it is time for me to get a 39" Bellicon that I can take with me more easily on my travels.

On 26 July 2013 I wrote 'Leaving Lyme Disease Behind' (which tells the story of what I began doing, in terms of supplements and such, at the time I began healing from Lyme). Thankfully I have not relapsed since then. I figure if the stresses of being in India for four months did not cause a relapse then perhaps I'm really out of the woods ... perhaps now I am just dealing with the normal challenges of keeping a 46 year old body healthy and in shape. 

Often I get overly enthusiastic about my physical fitness and proceed to wipe myself out with too much yoga, too much dance and everything I want to do in the world now that I seem to be pretty much rehabilitated from 7.5 years of Tick-Born Hell. Often I have to slow my horse way down and be more mindful of my energy expenditures. That's normal for a 46 year old, right? Sure I know people in their 50s and even in their 60s that seem to be in better shape than me, but I'm pretty freaking delighted by my current level of fitness, considering the debilitating illness and weakness I have crawled out of. Two years ago I had a hard time lifting my arms over my head and now I can hold my own in a power yoga class. Anyone who has had Chronic Lyme or Chronic Fatigue or any long-term illness that makes movement difficult, if not excruciating, will know what a miracle that is.

People ask me if I think that I'm free of Lyme and if I no longer worry about relapses. Yes, I think I'm free ... and I hope with all of my being that is true. But I can't say that I don't worry about relapse. I just recovered from a cold or flu with aches and exhaustion which went on for about a month, and it DID worry me. 

But I continue to keep up with the dietary changes I made back in 2013 when I began to recover and I do feel that this helps me dissuade any potential bacteriological nasties coming out of hibernation or biofilm or whatever it is that causes relapse.

My 'Fuck-You Lyme' Diet is pretty simple: Vegan and no sugar (of course focusing on getting enough protein which is not at all hard to do once you become familiar with good Vegan protein sources). I also eat (daily): raw garlic, raw onions, turmeric (with pepper/bioperin), coconut oil, and take supplements (Liquid minerals, Vitamin C, D-3, Iron, and a multi-vitamin with B-12). I cheat every once in awhile ... eat a bit of cheese perhaps or a bit of fruit or nibble some dessert, or have half a shot glass of wine, but mostly I know, it's just not worth it. I'm going to stick with what has been working very well for me. I'll post more on this topic soon.

Now it's time to stop working on this post, crank up my speakers and Bounce outside under the shade of purple wisteria.

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