What Kind of Monster Would Steal a Person's Rebounder?

'What kind of monster would steal a person's rebounder?'

This was my response when my friend Alan told me his precious Bellicon rebounder stolen (together with a massage table). Alan helped support me while I was debilitated with Lyme, introduced me to Bellicon Rebounding and raised money amongst my friends and family to buy me a rebounder in 2013. He is a generous, kind-spirited and kind-hearted person who has helped many people in his community. He is also the star of the fantastic 'Cobrastyle' video:

Alan cannot afford to buy himself a new rebounder so I am starting a fundraiser to buy one for him, as he once raised funds to buy one for me.

So, whether you know this man (and know of the hard-times he's been through these past few years) or are a complete stranger to him and would like to pay it forward a bit ... please donate towards his REBOUND & REBOOT experience. I will compile a list of donors for him. I am requesting a $5 minimum, but feel free to shock me with your generosity. I will contribute $95 for shipping. So that leaves about $650 to raise (unless he wants a the 39" model, then it's only $550. 

Donate @ PayPal via my Paypal Account:
Or email me (using the same gmail) if you want to send a check towards this cause.

I will post updates on our progress. I promise sharing in this gift will be rewarding and heartwarming. If the person who stole the rebounder and massage table from Alan happens to be one of his Facebook friends and reads this post, perhaps you could: A. Return the Rebounder, or B. Contribute generously to this fund.

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  1. Update: Thanks to all of the fantastic people who have given so far ... at this rate I think by August we'll have enough funds to buy Alan's rebounder.