A Review of the 39" Bellicon Travel Rebounder

 39" and 44" Bellicon Rebounders

For some seven years I've been rebounding on 44" rebounders. I imagined that it would be nice to have the more portable 39" 'travel' rebounder to take with me on adventures or to parks or whatever. I also imagined that I would not enjoy rebounding on it as much as I enjoy the 44" version. I finally ordered one this spring and I actually like bouncing on it more than the larger one because it has a much tighter bounce which I LOVE and I do not miss the lost inches. I figure now I need to order much tighter cords for my 44" model, to make it as tight as the mini-bounder. I ordered 'strong' bungees for both rebounders, but the small radius of the mini obviously creates a tigher bounce. Also the 'strong' cords I have on the 44" rebounder are a few years old, so clearly they have lost some of their umph. Jumping on my 44" rebounder now feels like jumping in sand compared to the 39" model.

So the moral of this post is dual:
  •  The 'Travel' Rebounder is not just for travelling. It may be a better choice as your HOME rebounder because it is fabulous, it is cheaper, it has a great bounce, it takes up much less space and it is easier to move around/transport/share. [Disclaimer: I am 5'9" ... taller people may feel differently about this size difference].
  • If you already have a rebounder, REPLACE YOUR BUNGEE CORDS every couple of years!!!! Your bungee cords lose their strength slowly and you won't even notice that your rebounder's bounce is sluggish.

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