'We all jumped on the trampoline and danced around to music'

A happy customer/friend (Ted S.) jumping way too high on his beautiful new Bellicon Rebounder.
Color Combo: Grey stiped mat with grey bungees ... very elegant.

Warning 1: If you get a Bellicon Rebounder, you may find yourself susceptible to spontaneous rebounding and dancing parties with friends. See: "Leisurely Day in Mendicino"

Warning 2: As fantastically fun as the above picture looks, Rebounding Beginners SHOULD NOT try to jump this high! One does not need need to 'catch air' to get the benefits of rebounding. If you do want to 'catch air', start with an inch! And watch your head! See: "[Rebounder] Saftey".

Suggestion: If you know a friend with a Rebounder, schedule a Rebounding party via Facetime or Skype ... it works best of course if you're listening to the same music.

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