Lori Tompkins
Yoga Instructor
Rebound & Reboot Founder
Bellicon Rebounder Affiliate
Resiliency Advocate
San Rafael, CA

B.A. English, UVA
M.A. Education, U.C. Boulder
Bikram Yoga College of India
Aeon Centre of [Vedic] Cosmology

Former Yoga Studios:

Yoga Sanctuary, Pacific Grove, CA
Yoga Loft, Ukiah, CA
After two plus years of battling severe Neurological Lyme Disease and at least three other tick-born diseases, I began rebounding on a Bellicon Rebounder (owned by a housemate) circa the Spring of 2008. Though for quite some time I could only bounce VERY lightly for 5 to 10 minutes at a time, it quickly became a major part of my effort to recover my health and vitality which felt completely decimated.

Before contracting these diseases and experiencing the chronic fatigue that came with them, I was a full-time yoga teacher (mostly Bikram and some Ashtanga style), as well as a runner, bicycler, and avid hiker. I had been an athlete my whole life, and it was extremely horrifying to lose so much of my capacities and to be in pain and feeling sickly for years on end, having a hard time walking across a room without feeling faint and such. I can not say that rebounding cured me or that I am completely over the devastating effects of these diseases. I still have limited energy and the weakness and degeneration in one of my shoulders has resulted in a frozen shoulder is just starting to improve after 1.5 years of acute pain. But I can say that rebounding has been a crucial element of the physical, mental and psychological improvements that I have made over the past 5 years.

From 2006 until 2012 I took many conventional and herbal antibiotics and I’m sure that these treatments helped in important ways; but the Rebounder helped in ways that antibiotics simply can’t. Mainly bouncing (even very lightly) IMPROVED MY MOOD. Anyone dealing with painful chronic illness is familiar with the depression that can accompany it, and can thus appreciate the importance of something that can lift one's mood without taking anti-depressants. It (and good music) got me moving, and reminded me to appreciate even simple movements. For a long while it was hard for me to re-build any muscle strength or endurance. But over the past 5 years, I have gradually built up to 30 to 40 minutes of mostly gentle bouncing, with more and more episodes of higher aerobic intensity. Sometimes my forward progress reverses itself and I have to cut back the time or the aerobic intensity, but I am truly grateful to be up to 30-40 minutes on most days. It reminds me of how far I have come. 

A year ago I moved out of the house with the Bellicon Rebounder, and luckily I had some access to my sister’s Bellicon Rebounder. But as my 44th birthday started to roll around, I wanted my own. I wanted to bounce more. Accordingly, a good friend collected contributions and presented me with my very own Bellicon Rebounder at my birthday party. Best present ever!

I realized a few days after my birthday that, being such an avid Bellicon Rebounding enthusiast and advocate, that I should perhaps sell them and consider this to be a piece of my work in the world. I contacted Bellicon USA. They liked my story and approved me as an affiliate. This means that every person that buys a Bellicon Rebounder via the link to Bellicon USA that I provide, I will get a small commission. I hope to encourage many, many people to buy Bellicon Rebounders for themselves, for friends and family, for their clients, for employees or for anyone who needs to reboot their operating system and get in touch with their natural resilience and joy.

28 February 2013
Health Updates:
'Leaving Lyme Disease Behind' (July 2013)

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