For Pricing and Choices of Frame, Bungee Colors, etc. click HERE [Links to Bellicon USA]

If you place an order please do so from any of my website links to Bellicon.

ORDERS: Please place your ORDER HERE. This is Rebound & Reboot's Affiliate Link which will take you to Bellicon USA. Once there, click on SHOP and you will be guided you through all of your options. Using this Affiliate Link when ordering (or re-ordering) will assure that I receive a small commission. Please email me at 360lotus [at] gmail [dot] com after you place your order or if you have any trouble ordering. That way I can make sure Bellicon is correctly accounting for who has been coming through my site (which it hasn't been).

Local Customers (local to Marin County, CA) please feel free to contact me for a TEST-BOUNCE or to see what I have in stock.

Discounts: Rebound & Reboot can offer discounts to individuals placing larger orders (2, 3, 10 and up). Place discounted orders through me (as these discounts are not available through my Affiliate Link).

Delay Payment Option: For people who can't afford one big chunk of change, they suggest using the Bill Me Later Paypal service, so buyers can spread out payment, interest free (must be paid in full in 6 months).

Rebounder Co-Op: another way to get the price down and still have access to a Rebounder is to get a few friends or co-workers to go in on one together.

Group Gift: And yet another way to get the price way down is to have multiple friends and family members contribute to the purchase. This is how I managed to buy my Bellicon Rebounder and now every time I jump I am reminded of the generosity and support of my friends and family.

Contact: Lori Tompkins
Rebound & Reboot
Lucas Valley, San Rafael, CA
360lotus [at] gmail [dot] com

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