Testimonials & Reviews from Bellicon Rebounder owners and users:

'Loving the rebounder. On it everyday and definitely feeling the results in my abs. Started with small weights and so isometrics too which have all been great. ... I went out and played Ultimate Frisbee on the beach the other day after not having played for 6 months.  Normally after that kind of a layoff, I'd  be spent,  but with a few weeks on the rebounder prior to playing , my endurance was leagues better than I anticipated. I'm also using it to train for a trek I am hoping to do in the Himalayas this summer.  I definitely recommend that people watch the videos from Bellicon as they give lots of ideas for how to use the rebounder. YouTube rebounder videos too. Another tip is that I search for music by beats per minute. A good workout tape at the right beat rate is helpful. Easy to regulate rate of bounce by moving intoward the center or out towards the edge with feet.  Used to be hard for me to get good regular cardio workout as I don't really like to run. Having the rebounder right there at home makes cardio an easy daily task, often while watching a sports event on TV.  I seem to need to move weights in my hands while bouncing to get my heart rate up where I like it. Last thing is that I love it for simply loosening up before and after playing tennis.  Keeps my hip joints nicely loose. Thank you for bringing it into my life.
Ted S.
Fort Bragg, CA

Oh how I dearly love my rebounder, so much so that I am willing to post ridiculous pictures of myself on one. You truly can't hold onto a bad mood when you bounce on one of these things. It was one of the best presents I've ever been given.
 Lisa Tompkins, Licensed Therapist
San Rafael, CA
I jump on my Bellicon rebounder religiously every morning. It's my secret weapon and boost that creates great feelings and vitality each and every day. It helps me feel and be super flexible. It's the gentlest workout I can imagine, but don't mistake gentle for ineffective. My Bellicon makes me feel on top of the world. It helps me flow gracefully with the ups and downs of each day. I would not be without it.
Scott Grace, Life Coach,

Fairfax, CA
I have been using the Bellicon rebounder for a few years and I still love it! Whether I want to move to dance music, jog while watching TV, or do one of the many work out routines I like to do, this rebounder gives me great exercise and yet is gentle on my knees and back, which at 55 years old is important to me. The feel is incredibly smooth. When I don't have time to get out on the trails, or the weather is bad, but I'm craving an exercise high, any time of day or night, I bounce on my Bellicon. Even a few minutes gets me into an energized mood. It truly is remarkable. It's also super quiet, so I don't bother my tenant, who lives below my living room. I highly recommend the Bellicon rebounder. It really is the best.
Alan, San Anselmo, CA
'The Bellicon Rebounder is the Rolls Royce of mini trampolines. ... It the best rebounder on the market today, so if you're in the market for one I would highly recommend just saving up and getting the bellicon, because there is no other rebounder on the market that is better than this thing.' -  Extreme Health Radio
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